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Clendaniel Rebecca Resume 08012022_edite

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statements from references

"On camera, Rebecca infuses every character she portrays with emotional honesty and sincere depth. Off camera, she brings light and love to the entire set. Anyone who has ever worked with Rebecca can attest to her joyful, positive, professional presence. Those who have had the privilege of directing her know what a beautiful journey it is to delve into the mind, heart, and soul of a character with her. Given the opportunity, I would cast Rebecca again and again."


-- Kristin Kinsey; Writer/Director of Out Loud
-- Max Radbill; Writer/Director
of Re-Elected  

"I’ve worked with Rebecca Clendaniel on multiple film projects, and she is always the most pleasant and professional person on set. She has a very positive attitude and is willing to do whatever is needed for the shoot. I worked with Rebecca in the summer of 2019, in a film where she gets her arm ripped off and dies. We were shooting in Maryland, but she was living in Georgia at the time. She drove up from Georgia for a day just to do a cast of her arm so we could build a fake arm, two weeks before her scene was to be shot. She showed up with a smile and instantly became friends with everyone on set. Her positivity is infectious; her commitment is admirable; and her talent is undeniable. Rebecca is a fantastic collaborator and a fantastic friend."


"I had the pleasure of directing Rebecca Clendaniel for a project titled 'Animal' and was perfectly pleased with her professionalism and performance. Rebecca delivered the controlled, vibrant attitude that makes her a breeze to work with, and her healthy memorization of the script aided in completion of our task ahead of schedule. She arrived with many ideas and took direction well: a God-send for any director. On my set, she did her own VFX make up which saved my skin and boosted her connection to her character, which I loved. I was well pleased. Her acting and line-delivery was very well nuanced and balanced, and Rebecca never over-dramatized. I fully recommend Rebecca Clendaniel, and firmly believe she would be a beneficial addition to any set for whatever genre. 

-- Walter Andres Cuadrado; Short Film
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