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Awards :

Irene Ryan Nomination for the Kennedy Center Actor College Theatre Festival

 Irene Ryan Semi-Finalist for the Kennedy Center Actor College Theatre Festival

American Immersion Theatre :

Rebecca Clendaniel is a primary actor for American Immersion Theatre's (AIT) Murder Mystery Company; she began as a photographer and actor and was later promoted to Assistant Director for the Baltimore troupe. Once Rebecca relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, she transferred to the AIT Atlanta troupe. She has performed in over 250 shows, in eight different states! One of her favorite performances was for the Georgia Aquarium's annual Sips Under the Sea Fundraiser, which was a SOLD OUT show - there were 2,300 people in attendance - and was able to raise thousands of dollars for their research and conservation efforts.

The Murder Mystery Company specializes in eliminating the fourth wall between actors and audience. For more information about booking an event, our multiple show themes, and how you can book Rebecca as an actor for the show, click the image below! 

Muder Mystery Company Link.jpg

Other Productions :

Rebecca Clendaniel started her acting journey in the theatre. Her first play ever was in middle school, and she played the lead role of Mark Twain (mustache, eyebrows, spirit gum, wig, and all). After particapting in every high school production - whether on or behind the stage- Rebecca decided to attend her community college and earned her Associate's Degree in Theatre. In addition, she studied at Towson University and completed the Bachlor of Fine Art's Degree in Acting. She has continued her education with varieous acting classes and soaks in as many lessons as possible while performing in numerous stage productions. 

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