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Updated: Jun 1, 2020

June 1, 2020

WELCOME!! You made it! Thank you for stopping by this cute, quaint website of mine. During this moment of COVID-19 quarantine, I've spent time creating this space to share all my acting content, upcoming projects, and fun behind the scenes memories. Since moving to Atlanta, Georgia last year, it has been trickier to keep everyone updated; and some one commented to me the other week that they have never seen clips of my acting. So, here you are, locking eyes with the solution!

I'll start with an update. This past summer I returned to Maryland to act in Max Radbill's newest horror comedy feature film, Re-Elected; the film is scheduled to be released in fall 2020! But if you can't wait and are anticipating seeing yours truly on the screen, fret not. Set your DVR to record Personal

Injury Court season 1 episode 80, and you may see a familiar face. Don't have a DVR? Simply click the "Showreels" button in the header above, travel to my film page, and watch the variety of acting clips.

Through it all, thank YOU for your support, words of affirmations, and patience during this journey. Some of you started to follow the journey when I was in the second grade, preaching that I was going to be an actress all while talking in a British dialect; some of you started to follow the journey in high school or university when you realized that I take acting seriously; some of you may have - in this exact moment - started to follow the journey after seeing this website. To thank you for your time and kindness, I plan to send out an email newsletter about my life, new projects, and worldly travels once every six months. Sign up for the newsletter! Additionally, I will be posting on this website and my Facebook whenever I book a role. Feel free to take a stroll around this virtual chateau. Let me know if you wish to collaborate.

Spread love everyone.

xoxo -- Rebecca Clendaniel

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